The Princess's Proposal : Valerie Parv

Harga Jual: RM 5 ( Third Party's Collection)

Princess Adrienne de Marigny is more rebellious than her two brothers. The problem is that the things that she does is dangerous. The most damaging is when she goes out in public in disguise without her bodyguards. Adrienne is the only one out of her siblings that is not in charge of ruling any of the people, that job is left to her brothers. Adrienne's passion lies with horses and her dream is to have a horse breeding ranch. Obviously, her brothers do not see this as a job for the princess and refuse to sell her the land that she needs. Adrienne is outraged to learn that her brother has sold the land to an American, Hugh. Hugh is not satisfied with owning just the land, no he wants Adrienne's prize horse-one of the best horses in the world. Hugh and Adrienne decide on a challenge and the winner takes both the land and the horse. There are serious problems associated with this challenge. Not only is it dangerous, but her brothers would be outraged to discover what she is doing. Probably more damaging than that is the feelings that these two have for each other. The both come from different sides of the fence, so to speak. They know they have no future, but how can they deny how they feel.

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